First Impressions Are Everything

After a day or so with the CR-48 laptop, I have not really made any new headway with "moving" to the cloud.  I've mostly just been getting acquainted to the keyboard layout and the software settings.  The laptop battery life is really exceptional lasting most of the day with me tinkering with things off and on.  The wireless seems to think my wifi signal is lower compared to a Dell Latitude E6400 running Windows 7 sitting right next to it.  I do not know if this is a wifi card antenna issue, or a hardware signal strength issue, but it's been working, so I am not complaining, yet.

I made a long Google voice phone all with my sister earlier using my iphone 4 headset and finding that the on board mic was clearer for her to hear me on.  Then, I made several video calls with Neo, and his CR-48 and found that the on board webcam is not very clear, but it works.  We also plugged in external webcams for video calls, and even though we could switch between the two, there where some sort of software problems that required us both to reboot our ChromeOS laptops before we could chat again.  It seemed like there was a lock on our conversation on Google Talk because it kept telling both of us we where already in a call whenever we tried to chat.

Overall, I cannot complain about the CR-48 hardware.  It was free for me to receive and it all does work, out of the box.  You can ask for any more than that with 'reference hardware' as Google explains it.

One caveat I found... Whenever I first setup the laptop, I skipped the option of adding a picture for my login account.  After using the laptop, I found that the first user cannot change the picture and cannot add one later if it's been skipped.  I found a fix for that was to flip the sekrat developer tab under the battery compartment and basically walking through steps to re-flash my laptop, then setting the switch back to default so I could walk through the first time setup again to take a picture.  Luckily, whenever you do something like "re-format" or re-flash your computer, and log back in with your Google credentials, all your settings and applications automatically come back, because all of those are stored "in the cloud" with your Google profile.

Pretty slick so far.

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