google chrome laptops announced!

Today, at Google IO, two consumer Google Chrome OS laptops (Chrome Books) where announced.  One from Samsung, which almost mimics the CR-48 hardware (12.1" screen, all day battery life, 8 second boot), will come in two colors, and with two options... Wifi Only will be $429 USD and Wifi/3G will be $499 USD.  The other Chrome Book announced will be an Acer, which is a smaller 11" screen, a full size keyboard with number pad, as well as an HD screen which will start at $349 USD.  Chrome books will be available June 15 at BestBuy and Amazon in the US, and other major retailers world wide.

Some other interesting information announced today includes a Chrome Box, which is basically the same size as the Apple Mac Mini, bringing you Chrome OS to a desktop or presentation monitor, and a Chrome management interface in order to bring Chrome Books to business and education, merging software and hardware as a service for $28/user/month.

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