when did this happen?

Back in high school I took a Network+ class that had just been put together for the then brand new test.  A few of us in the class where selected to go over to yet another new class and prep for Cisco certification; however, there where no teachers who had Cisco cert level knowledge just yet.  So, the four of us that moved over had a room full of Cisco 2514 routers, 25 food serial cables, and 1900xl switches to "learn" on... and so, we spent the better part of half a semester setting up a lab by following an old lab book, but never really learned enough about the CCNA test to get certified.

So, here I am, 9 years later; finally serious about getting my Cisco certification and I have a lab full of Cisco 2514 routers.  It's bitter sweet, knowing I had this at my finger tips so long ago, but I digress...

The lab has come a long way!  I still have the two 2514s I got from a coworker, but after snagging a 2950G (enhanced image) on eBay, I came across a guy who was unloading two basic 24port 2950s, a 2621 router, and yet another 2514 on Craigslist.   And so the lab grew...

I went back and ordered a WIC-2T and cables on eBay to turn the 2621 into a frame relay switch and pulled the 1721 out of the mix for now.

If I subtract the $60 cost of the 1721, including the memory upgrade, my CCNA lab is up to just under $300 in cost thanks to the AUI ethernet transceiver cost and eBay shipping costs... not too shabby for an eBay lab I guess.

So, there's the lab update.  What do you think?  What's in your CCNA lab?

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