Stay hungry, stay foolish.

No matter who you are, or what you do, you know the name, Steve Jobs.  By now you've heard that Steve passed away this week and you might have heard a lot about him that you never knew before.  I will not tell you anything knew, but I would like to point out just how important Steve was to us all.

My daughter, who is one, will never know life without Google in our pocket.  She will never know how people once typed documents for school in an application usable when the internet is down and not in a web browser on a portable device that also happens to carry tens of thousands of songs and can stream an almost unlimited number.  My daughter will most certainly not how anyone could have ever had a computer the size of our living room.

Steve Jobs might not have brought us Google or the web browser or the first computers, but he did bring the first computer into our home, the first computer into our office that could run more than just a spreadsheet program, and the main stream interface of today's hand held computers we call call smart phones that started out as an mp3 player.

I don't think there is much use in me telling you about what Steve has done, surely by now you have heard it all.  However, I would like to share the following video that I found via the TED Blog.  This is a video of the 2005 Stanford Commencement Address given by Steve himself.

Rest in peace Steve.

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