Some Hobbies

In an IT support career, work can be stressful and work hours can be long.  I have several hobbies that shift up and down in my list of favorite things to help me unwind.

With a toddler that wants to learn everything about life, and a new baby on the way, it can be hard to find time to devote to hobbies outside of work hours while still keeping up with real life as a husband and father, not to mention church callings and family time.

One way I hope to help prioritize my hobbies, push myself to take advantage of my down time, and improve my personal skills, is to set some goals for myself to work on in the upcoming year.

Here are a list of my top hobbies, and a few written goals I plan to push for in 2013.

Disc Golf
 - backyard putting practice for 30 minutes, twice a week
 - stick with fewer disc molds in my bag
Wood Working
 - build a table for my table saw and router to sit on
 - build a play kitchen set for the play room
 - find a method to be excited about running and do it
 - run in first 5k (spring)
 - run in second 5k (fall)
 - take my daughter geocaching
 - find 6 large caches
Ham Radio
 - work more satellites
 - record contacts made

To help me track these goals, I plan to strive to publish a video to YouTube about once a week and cross post on this blog with a more in depth explanation of my progress towards my goals.

What are your top 3 hobbies for 2013?

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